Monday, June 27, 2011

You're a Biomedical Engineer When...

Entrie kali ni saya ambil dari group ALUMNI UTM BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING AND MEDICAL ELECTRONIC which is our member is part of the group member. Lecturer yang post kan benda ni pernah mengajar kami-kami semua. Look interesting.. So, i want to share it with everyone... Since our course selalu digandingkan dan disamakan dengan Course Biomedical Engineering so, we can be part of biomedical engineering as well.. 

Anda seorang biomedical engineer..

You Know You're a Biomedical Engineer When…:

* Patients can't live without us, Doctors as well

* Doctors run In hospitals, We Run hospitals!

* We "suck" your blood, well that's only to Test you

* A Mechanical Engineer studies motion, A Biomed cares for a Safe motion

* A Civil Engineer links columns, a Biomed links bones

* An Electrical Engineer design regulators, A Biomed design pacemakers: the regulators of your heart beats

* A Computer Engineer process Digital computer signals, a Biomed decipher the brain complex bio-signals

* A Telecommunications Engineer develop telephony systems ("Connecting People"), a Biomedical Engineer develop telesurgery systems that prevent Doctors, in high precision surgeries, from "Collecting People"!

* A Chemical Engineer drills to take fuel out and circulate it in polluting machineries, A Biomed pierces to take out tumors and keep your blood circulating in a healthier body

* A Nuclear Engineer can explode a whole city and waste healthy people's life, a Biomed can explode the tiny stone and make suffering patients enjoy their life

* An Agricultural Engineer design water irrigation systems to the soil, a Biomed design fluid irrigation systems in your tissue

* An Architect design buildings and statues, a Biomed design Bio-Robots

* You studied Human Physiology, and enjoyed it to the Max :D

* It's hard to get rid of us, We live inside you, through Biomaterials

* While We capture a Medical Image for you, you don't have to "Say Cheese" because X-Rays show all your teeth and more :P

* With X-Rays, We can "take out" your bones and you still alive!

* With MRI, We control your Resonance!

* With Ultrasound, We can know whether your baby who's kicking hard in his mother's womb is a future football player, or a pretty girl who will kick the arse of guys (Biomed not included)

Summary: We know Body Language!

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